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The King Has Landed

Our world has been invaded! We are living in enemy-occupied territory! But the good news is the rightful King has landed -- in disguise -- and he is calling on all of us to be part of his kingdom!

Merry Christ-Centered Christmas

It’s possible to have the experience of Christmas, without coming to know its spiritual implications and significance. Join us for Christmas as we ponder a Christ-centered Christmas.

The Grace Invasion

According to C.S. Lewis, the birth of Jesus can be likened to the rightful king who parachuted behind enemy lines, encouraging those who followed him to take part in a great campaign of sabotage. It was the grace invasion! It still is!

God Comes Near

Let the peace of God surround and envelop you, as you consider the astonishing miracle and amazing majesty of the coming of God in the flesh.

God Comes Near – Greg Albrecht

Imagine, for a moment, that you are part of a team building a skyscraper. Your team building this "high rise" would need, of course, a great deal of expertise to ensure that a sound foundation would be laid. Considerable expense and work is involved in preparing the foundation of any edifice that eventually soars majestically, hundreds of feet into the air. Skyscrapers are incredibly heavy, so they must be built on much more durable foundations than smaller buildings. In virtually every case, a skyscraper requires a deep foundation, with pilings, drilled shafts and columns put in place using a pile driver—all reinforced by concrete. ...

God in the Manger

Many of us are more willing to accept Jesus Christ as the helpless, dependent baby in the manger than as Lord of our lives. We don’t want to hear how he challenges our beliefs and our way of life, but the central truth of Christmas is that the baby in the manger is God!

Despised and Rejected of Men – Greg Albrecht

Isaiah says that Jesus was despised. Jesus wasn't merely ignored or disliked. Jesus wasn't regarded as just a minor irritant—he was hated and despised—strong language—powerful emotions! When someone is despised they are regarded with contempt and scorn, they are loathed, and regarded as unworthy of interest or concern. When someone is rejected, others refuse to accept or recognize them. They are effectively discarded as useless. Why was Jesus despised? The answer lies in the determination as to who, specifically, despised him? What specific segment of his culture absolutely despised and rejected him? • Did his fellow ...

Coming to Jesus

Travel is very much a part of Christmas. We join bumper to bumper traffic as we shop, we fly many hundreds of miles and travel our freeways to be with family and friends. Travel was a part of Christmas from the beginning, but at the first Christmas travel was for a different reason.

The Cradle and the Cross

Christmas upsets many people because at least once a year they can’t run away from Jesus. When Jesus shows up, things change, the status quo is threatened. It is a time of challenge and confrontation to religion and politics.

Do Not Be Afraid – Greg Albrecht

The time and culture of Jesus' birth was not unlike the world in which we live today. For that matter, it was just like any generation or era in history. The specific people, land and culture to which Jesus came was a world permeated with fear at almost every level. The Jews were an occupied people. They suffered under grinding poverty and heavy taxation. There was a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Life expectancy, particularly among the poor, is estimated to have been in the mid-30s to early-40s. Fear is a part of what it means to be human. It's a common and normal emotional reaction. • We have fears that we will live so long ...

When the Time Had Fully Come – Greg Albrecht

Think back to the times of your youth, perhaps to a time when your mother and father promised to take you to the park, or on a picnic or to the circus. You couldn't wait for that time to come, could you? That's the way we were when we were kids—we drove our parents batty by continuously asking them, "Is it time yet, is it time yet?" Then, when we were in grade school and high school, we asked a similar question every year, as the end of the school year approached. "Is school just about over? Is it time for summer vacation yet?" Most of the time, when we were young, we were waiting for time to pass so that something else could happen. Have ...

It All Started With a Baby

God in the flesh decided to start out as a baby. Who would have written that script? Why in the world did he begin his earthly life as a baby? Celebrate the birth of our Lord with us!