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CWR video – Angry, Retributive Images of God

Short video on the images of God.

CWR Video – The New Math of God’s Grace – Greg Albrecht

5 minute video on God's Grace.

CWR Video – W. Paul Young — “Saying Yes or No to God”

Short 4 minute video by Paul Young.

CWR Video – Reconciliation – Lucy Peppiatt

    4 minute video on Reconciliation - Lucy Peppiatt.

CWR video – “Fly Me to the Moon” – Greg Albrecht

Short 4 minute video by Greg Albrecht.

CWR Video – The Trinity – Lucy Peppiatt

4 minute Lucy Peppiatt video on the Trinity.

CWR video – Brad Jersak – “Jesus the King”

Short 3 minute video on Jesus the King.

CWR video – “Grace: Free Refills” – Greg Albrecht

Free and continuing refills of God's grace.

CWR Video – All About Put Back, Not Pay Back – Steve McVey

Short 2 minute video about God by Steve McVey.

CWR Video – Brian Zahnd on the Crucified God

CLICK HERE to view video   Short 7 minute video by Brian Zahnd