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CWR video – “Why did Jesus die?” – Brad Jersak

Short video by Brad Jersak

CWR Video – Brian Zahnd on the Crucified God

CLICK HERE to view video   Short 7 minute video by Brian Zahnd

“You don’t belong here” – Greg Albrecht

Albrecht - You Don't Belong Here from Plain Truth Ministries on Vimeo.

CWR Video – What Do We Mean by “Christian Action”? Richard Rohr

6 minute video on "Christian Action" by Richard Rohr

CWR video – “Our Calling” – Ed Dunn

CWR video – Brad Jersak – “Spreading Hospitality”

CWR video – Greg Albrecht – “Be Fruitful and Multiply”

CWR Video – Do Your Possessions Posses You? – Greg Albrecht

Short video on your possessions by Greg Albrecht

CWR video – Lucy Peppiatt – “The Incarnation part 2”

CWR video – Lucy Peppiatt – “The Incarnation pt 1”

CWR video – “Christ: The Lion and the Lamb” – Brad Jersak

CWR Video – Say a Few Words – Greg Albrecht

4 minute video by Greg Albrecht