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CWR Video – Brian Zahnd on the Crucified God

CLICK HERE to view video   Short 7 minute video by Brian Zahnd

CWR Video – Triumphal Entry – Brian Zahnd

Short video by Brian Zahnd

CWR video – Brian Zahnd – “Civilization: Violence Upon Violence”

CWR video – Brian Zahnd – “Beauty will Save the World”

If This Is God … by Brian Zahnd

If This Is God… Brian Zahnd As we know, there was no room in the inn at Bethlehem, so the peasant couple from Galilee took refuge where they could. And as we know, the girl was “great with child” and her due date was nigh. As it turned out, the baby took his first breath and uttered his first cry in a cave that sheltered livestock. A feeding trough was turned into a crib for the newborn. A stable that had seen the birth of calves, kids, and lambs, now saw the birth of…GOD. This is what Christians confess about Christmas. We confess that Emmanuel (God with us) joined humanity, not by swooping down from the celestial heavens in a ...

CWR Magazine – Dec. 2017 “The King Who Became a Man”

CLICK HERE to read the CWRm Christmas issue In this issue: "The King Who Became a Man" by Greg Albrecht (1-5) "The Great Scandal: That God Became Man" by Brad Jersak (5-7) "God With Us" by Eden Jersak (8-11, 14) Sidebar: "The Mennonites: People, Faith and Culture" (8) "Great News of Great Joy" by Laura Urista (12) "Waiting for God to Act" by Brian Zahnd (13-14) Pastoral Perspective: "If God is love, why would he allow a place like hell?" by Greg Albrecht (15) CWR audio schedule (16) 

Luther at 500 – October CWR available

CLICK HERE to read now Brad Jersak: Luther at 500: Reformation Then & Now – pg. 1  Ruth Tucker: Katie Luther – pg. 5 10 Things You Might Not  Know about Luther – pg. 6 Brad Jersak: Reformation Now: Claims and Calls – pg. 7 Jessica Williams: I Am a Small Boat on a Raging Sea – pg. 8 Marlene Winell: Religious Trauma Syndrome – pg. 9 Laura Urista: Connected to the Vine – pg. 10 Richard Rohr: The Greatest Commandments – pg. 11 Brian Zahnd: God is Love, God is Love – pg. 12 Greg Albrecht: “Should I attend my gay daughter’s wedding?” -pg. 14  

CWR Magazine – August 2017 Issue: “Moving On”

Contents: Moving On: Faith after Evangelicalism - Brad Jersak - pg. 1 Vive la Revolution! - Brian Zahnd - pg. 7 Do Only Christians Go to Heaven? - Zack Hunt - pg. 8 On Wisdom Amidst the Crowd - Danielle Shroyer - pg. 11 Teaching the Cross to Children - Brad Jersak - pg. 12 Trinitarian Revolution - Richard Rohr - pg. 14 "Is the Bible 'the Word of God'?" - Greg Albrecht - pg. 15

George Costanza, NT Wright and Angry God (Romans 8:3-4) by Brad Jersak

If we refrain from imposing Calvinist atonement theory back onto the text, what else might Paul mean by "God condemned sin in the flesh"?

Who is this ‘Monster God’ of (Im)Pure Will? – Brad Jersak

A Quick History of the 'Monster God' The term "Monster God" became 'a thing' in 2014 through a series of sermons, debates and blogs, and while I can't be sure of its earliest use, one will note that its popular usage is typically tagged to Pastor Brian Zahnd (Word of Life Church and a CWR columnist). It came onto my radar through a sermon in early May entitled "Death of the Monster God," a lenten sermon on Luke 23:34, 46 (Jesus' prayers to the Father) asking, "What is God like?"     The central point of the sermon is summarized by Brian in these words: When we look at the death of Jesus on the cross in the light of the resurrection, we ...

The “More Beautiful Gospel” Conference – Register Now

The Beautiful Gospel Conference​ official web page is complete and registration has just gone live. Join Brian Zahnd, Brad Jersak, Brian Doerksen and the Shiyr Poets Oct. 1-3 in Abbotsford.  Catch the early-bird price if you can.  http://thebeautifulgospel.wix.com/thebeautifulgospel.

Gospel in Chairs (2015) – Brad Jersak