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When Religion Gives God a Bad Name

Faith dies when the spiritually hungry do not receive the Bread of Life, when those in desperate need are seduced by religious junk food and become convinced God can be gained or lost on the basis of human performance.

An Offer We Can’t Refuse

God is having a banquet, and every seat will be filled - one way or the other! The seats at the table may not be filled with those you would expect to accept the invitation, but they will be filled.

18 Prominent Biblical Passages – and Why

When asked to provide a list of his top ten biblical verses, Greg was stymied. Here's the list he wound up with - and why.

No to Wrath and Yes to Love – Part 2

In this second message in our two part series we study Matthew 5:38-45, and the Jesus’ loving response to violence and hatred.

No to Wrath and Yes to Love – Part 1

We replay this program from the tenth anniversary of 9-11-2001. This begins a two part series studying misunderstandings many have regarding the significance of the supreme demonstration of divine love given for us on the cross of Christ.

Knowing the One True God

God is seen and known only by and through Jesus, who came to reveal God. We pray for those who are yet to see and know the One true God.

Making a Difference in Christ

Greg explains the real difference between the sheep and the goats of Jesus parable in Matthew 25.

The Greatest Revolution

Of all revolutions, and of all the revolutionary anthems, this song is all about the greatest of them all.

Rest For the Weary

There is only One way to find true, eternal rest from the anxieties, burdens and obligations that weigh us down.

Fear and Faith

Doubts are not the opposite of faith, they are a necessary part of the process. The opposite of faith, the real enemy, is fear.