Why Do Many Christians Make the Good News Sound So Weird? – Monte Wolverton

Among some folks, the ability to speak fluent “Christianese” is a sign of true Christianity. But do these special words and phrases help or hinder the message? Here’s some suggestions as to how we as Christ-followers might improve our communication skills.

—Text and illustrations by Monte Wolverton

I just want to come up alongside you. I have a burden—because God has laid it on my heart to minister to you and disciple you. God spoke to me, and he wanted me to share my testimony with you and to witness to you. The message I’m called to give you will be a real blessing to you.
Chances are, you know some people who talk this way all the time. Maybe you are one. You might know others who don’t use this kind of language everywhere, but reserve it for use only when they are in the company of fellow Christians.

In certain groups, the ability to speak fluent Christian jargon seems to be the verification of true Christianity.

Hundreds of thousands of well-meaning Christians talk this way because they believe it helps set them apart as God’s people. It’s their Christian jargon.

What Is Jargon?
Jargon (or inspeak) is a special set of words or phrases understood by a particular group.

Jargon is useful. The world could not function without jargon. Just about every profession has a jargon. Musicians, publishers, computer software developers, lawyers and accountants use jargon. Psychology has a separate jargon for each of its several branches.

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