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What does the Afterlife look like for Unbelievers? – Greg Albrecht

Question: I’ve been reading your site for a few days. I have read your beliefs that God does not punish anyone or turn away from them beyond letting them experience the natural consequences of their actions. In particular, you use the term “hell” to describe depravity and awful environments that humans cause on this earth by turning away from God. You reject the concept of hell as an afterlife of eternal torment for those who did not accept Jesus’ work before their death, and you assert that these unbelievers experience an “afterlife” in which they see God more clearly and still have the opportunity to turn and be welcomed into ...

April 2022

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August 2020

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January 2020

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July 2018

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Resistance is Fertile: Christ is Risen and Death has Died — Brad Jersak

Christ is risen from the dead Trampling down death by death And upon those in the tomb bestowing life - Paschal Easter Hymn "Resistance is Futile" - the Borg Contrary to the boasting of most fictional alien invaders, resistance is not always futile. In truth, sometimes resistance is fertile. Case in point, a new friend was resisting the idea—even the possibility—that at the point of death, there may still be hope. Is death a locked door beyond which there is no further opportunity to hear and respond to the good news? My friend is sure of this. He cited the two classic texts, long known as deal-killers for any hope of a ‘second...

When Your Time Comes

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Mar-Apr 16

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