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July 2021

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Articles: The Father I Never Knew – pg. 1 Get Comfortable With the Questions – pg. 2 How Free Do You Want to Be? – pg. 4 God's Not Through With Us Yet – pg. 5 Life's Lava Tubes – pg. 7 Quotes & Connections – pg. 8

Looking to Jesus – We gaze on the Light when shrouded in Darkness – Greg Albrecht

Greg Albrecht - PTM President Yet again we have been shocked at the perverse darkness of evil evidenced through the tragedies of shootings and terrorism.  Just when we think the valley of the shadow of death could not get any darker it does. We will mourn with those in grief and we dare not stifle their angry cry of lament. Yet again, the Psalmist's cry echoes across the millennia "How long, O Lord!?" Yet again political parties co-opt our grief and loss as a platform to gain supporters for their cause as they point out real or imagined inadequacies of those on the “the other side of the aisle.” Just when we thought politics ...

January 2021

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Articles: Learning Pandemic Lessons – pg. 1 Here Comes the Dreamer – pg. 2 I Must Confess – pg. 5 My Sister Claretha – pg. 7 Quotes & Connections – pg. 8

August 2020

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Greg Albrecht: Destroyed But Not Defeated– pg. 3 Brad Jersak: Grace Is the Real Offense– pg. 7 Blair Baker: Keep Shining – pg. 10 Jonathan Foster: My Soul Is Like a Chiminea – pg. 11 Brad Jersak: With Hope for All, Why Share Our Faith? -pg. 15