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Breakfast with Brad – Kombucha an Pickle, Jesus and AA

In which Brad had breakfast long ago but goes to the Fieldhouse for a Kombucha and Pickle to discuss Jesus and AA. What do you think is more important: using Jesus' name but attaching it to retribution, or not using his name but describing him accurately? Supplement: Again, the question is this: which is better? To worship a false god (by virtue of its pagan nature) and use the name of Jesus to describe him? Or to worship the One True God (by virtue of his divine nature) but getting the name wrong? C.S. Lewis addressed this in the Narnia Chronicles in The Last Battle. Here is the testimony of Emeth, someone who thought he was the enemy ...

Do we need to commit your life to Christ? John MacMurray

Ever hear the phrase, “You need to commit your life to Christ”?

The Vulnerability that Makes Peace Possible: An Interview with Stanley Hauerwas – by Andrew Klager

Editor's Note: In this interview, my friend Andrew Klager asks Stan Hauerwas for his theological response to the unfolding events and violence in the Middle East and the reaction of Christians in the West. The full interview can be found HERE. Klager: The Middle East is becoming more of a mess as the weeks go by and is hemorrhaging in places such as Syria, northern Iraq, Israel-Palestine, and in many respects still also in Egypt. So, how does your theology -- your theological reflections, or the way you do theology -- guide your reaction to the complex mix of religious, political, and economic reasons for this instability? Or, more ...