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Breakfast with Brad – Anniversary Casino Breaky & Stuff I’m Workin’ On

In which Brad and Eden enjoy a 32nd anniversary breakfast a Tulalip Casino and Brad shares his latest work. More photos below. My gambling is not with $$ at slot machines, but with the capacity of other to engage the big questions of theology. Correction: Brad mentions working on a chapter of "A More Christlike God," but he was actually referring to his sequel, "A More Christlike Way," due out spring of 2019. (more…)

Breakfast with Brad – Huevo Rancheros with Brian Zahnd

Breakfast with Brad – Gyros in St Jo, MO with Brian Zahnd

Breakfast with Brad – What’s with Romans 13?

Nero, God’s sword-bearing servant is one and the same with the evil that must be overcome.

Breakfast with Brad – Moving on (11/12) – Froot Loops, Hellfire & Vidi Aquam

In which Brad features a hat that belonged to his grandfather, William Ditchfield, prepares to eat pure sugar & explores the question (not the doctrine) of hell. Below the video, we're also featuring a beautiful song based in an ancient chant, Vidi Aquam ("I saw water"). Is there a river that can extinguish the fires of hell?  Revelation 22: 1Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And ...

Breakfast with Brad – Moving on from Moralism

In which Brad talks about hot stoves, condoms and confusing morality with living faith! Following this episode, I've included an early draft excerpt from A More Christlike Way (due spring 2019). MY EARLY FORAYS INTO MORALISM (Early draft teaser from A More Christlike Way—spring 2019) GROUNDED FOR LIFE Moralism occurs when we cling to normal childhood rules (do’s and don’ts for our safety) and confuse them with living faith—when we elevate our morality to the measure of Christian faithfulness and flourishing. If only it were as simple as distinguishing between legalism and grace or blaming parents for being overly religious. But ...

Breakfast with Brad – Wieners, Beer & Spiritual Scurvy

In which Brad doesn't really drink beer for breakfast, but suffers the imbalanced diet of micro-waved wieners to make a point about the spiritual scurvy of male-only leadership in Christendom.

Breakfast with Brad – Q & A: Is preaching God’s all-inclusive love capitulation to ‘the world’?

In which Brad prepares a 'normal' breakfast and answers an important question: Is preaching God's all-inclusive love capitulation to 'the world'? See text beneath the video for the extended Q & A. Question: I love your book (A More Christlike God) because it rings true that the "through line" of our theology must be love and radical self-giving. But how do you guard against the idea that God and/or Jesus may be more wrathful and judging than we like to believe? Response: Great question! First, I notice you're assuming that the problem is that God be more wrathful than we'd want him to be. It may be a surprise to know that quite the ...

Breakfast with Brad – Agents of Judgment or Messengers of Invitation?

In which judgment makes Brad defiant rather than repentant ... adding sour cream and salmon flakes to his Kraft Dinner. What if God understands that dynamic, too?

Breakfast with Brad – “Moving On” – Ashamed of Jesus?

In which Brad tries his Jim Gaffigan's 'offended Christian' voice (see below--trigger warning), plans hard-boiled eggs embedded with garlic stuffed olives & ponders Jesus words in Luke 9:26.

PTM.org’s Breakfast with Brad – “Moving On” (4/12) – Macaroni Salad and the Flood

Is belief in a literal global flood essential to Christian faithfulness? How did God recreate a ruined world? How has Christ opened the ark to all? And how did Eden create that macaroni salad?

Breakfast with Brad – Moving On (3/12) – Reading Scripture

Summary: Beyond crass literalism Reading literally = compiling the best text possible (what Jesus read) and paying attention to the authors' intentions in the context of the genres they chose. Reading morally = not just the moral of the story or extracting laws to obey, but how the text nurtures us as growing Christ-followers. Reading spiritually = not merely 'spiritualizing' the text, but being attentive to how it points to Christ and the gospel.