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Q & R: Does John 10:35 Teach Inerrancy?

Question: I am wondering what Jesus meant when he said, “The Scriptures cannot be broken” in John 10:35. I have heard this bit of a verse used as proof of inerrancy. I would like to hear an explanation of the context of Jesus’ words, and especially how it relates to Psalm 82:6.  Response: Such an important question! Let’s begin with the phrase itself. The “Scriptures” to which Jesus refers are indeed the Psalms, part of the Jewish holy books of his day. And these Scriptures, he says, “cannot be luthenai.” That precise word is used in this form three times in the New Testament: Luke 13:16 — ...

Is the Bible ‘the Word of God’? Q&R with Greg Albrecht

Question: Some people call the Bible “the Word of God.” Is it? What is the Bible exactly? Some say it is inspired, and then some even say it is infallible and inerrant.

Breakfast with Brad: “Moving On” pt 1/12 – Inerrancy

"The Word of God is inerrant, infallible and inspired ... and when he was 18, he grew a beard." That's right: Jesus is the Word of God, and the Bible is the inspired record of the drama of redemption by which the Word became flesh to reveal who God is.