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Is the Bible ‘the Word of God’? Q&R with Greg Albrecht

Question: Some people call the Bible “the Word of God.” Is it? What is the Bible exactly? Some say it is inspired, and then some even say it is infallible and inerrant.

Breakfast with Brad: “Moving On” pt 1/12 – Inerrancy

"The Word of God is inerrant, infallible and inspired ... and when he was 18, he grew a beard." That's right: Jesus is the Word of God, and the Bible is the inspired record of the drama of redemption by which the Word became flesh to reveal who God is.

Review of Peter Enns’ ‘The Bible Tells Me So’ – Review by Caleb Miller (with a quick preview)

Peter Enns, The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It (HarperOne, 2014). Review by Caleb Miller As a student of theology and the scriptures, I read hundreds of books on the topics of biblical studies and hermeneutics. Few authors catch our attention when writing varying thoughts on reading the bible. For my own tastes, too many are often too “literal” in their approach and ignore a broader meaning to be found by reading things a little more openly. What Peter Enns has managed to do in his new book “The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture has Made us Unable to Read It” is nothing short of ...