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On the Great Flood (2021) Brad Jersak

Abbotsford Flood (2021) ON THE GREAT FLOOD (2021) In retrospect, documentaries may call it ‘the Great Submersion’ or ‘the Sumas Prairie Deluge.’ It has already been identified as the most costly natural disaster in Canadian history. I’m referring to the catastrophic flooding that we have experienced around my city (Abbotsford, BC) through the final week of November 2021. After high winds and a historic downpour across southern BC (our November monthly rainfall fell in under 48 hours), rising waters either submerged or shattered all the highways out of the port of Vancouver, cutting off supply ...

PTM.org’s Breakfast with Brad – “Moving On” (4/12) – Macaroni Salad and the Flood

Is belief in a literal global flood essential to Christian faithfulness? How did God recreate a ruined world? How has Christ opened the ark to all? And how did Eden create that macaroni salad?