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Resting In Christ Alone

Christ-less religion explains that we must work first, and then God will give us his rest.  But, as it so often is, the truth of the gospel is the precise opposite!  The invitation of Jesus is to his rest, in which he then empowers us to work and become the workmanship of God.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR403.mp3

Be Still! – by Greg Albrecht

When in danger, when in doubt, Run in circles, scream and shout The British Navy has a strange custom, I am told. If a sudden disaster happens, "the still" is blown. If you live in certain parts of the United States you may think of a still as a place where bootleg whiskey is produced. The "still" in the British Navy, as I understand it, is a whistle which calls the crew of a ship to a moment of silence in a time of crisis. It's a moment of calm that allows everyone to collect their thoughts before they respond to an emergency. My wife, Karen, and I recently witnessed the results of failure to be still in the face of a crisis. Thirty-five ...

December 2021

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Rest for the Weary – Greg Albrecht

I heard a story about an American missionary named David who served in an African town several decades ago. David was amazed to see the heavy loads and burdens the Africans carried on their heads as a part of their regular jobs. The most astonishing individual he met, in this regard, was a lady who had perfected the technique of carrying heavy loads on her head to such a degree that her peers called her "the human delivery truck." Amazing at it seems to us, she delivered engine blocks from cars and trucks from one repair shop to another. According to the story, four men would lift the engine block on to a tray that she carried on her head—she ...

March 2021

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Will You Get Enough Right Answers? Greg Albrecht

Will You Get Enough Right Answers? My driver’s license is expiring in a few weeks. In the past, my license expired every five years and the state of California automatically renewed it and sent me a new one in the mail.   But now, knowing I have passed the exalted age of 70, and apparently completely oblivious of the legal implications of age discrimination, the good people of California have determined that I and other old codgers like me must have my vision and knowledge tested to see if we are worthy of sharing the road with all the careful, cautious and patient younger drivers we encounter every day. I made an appointment and showed ...

July 2020

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The Quest for Rest – Cheryl McGrath

When Jesus spoke the words “the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head” He was not referring merely to physical comforts (Matt. 8:20). From the beginning of creation God has actively sought a resting place for Himself among humankind. In the first chapter of Genesis we see a progressive revelation of the environment that God creatively crafted in preparation for His human creation. In the first five days the Heavens and the earth were given form; light and darkness were separated establishing time (day and night); vegetation to provide food and beauty were provided; the seas and skies were inhabited with abundant life, and then land creatures ...