Rest for the Weary – Greg Albrecht

I heard a story about an American missionary named David who served in an African town several decades ago. David was amazed to see the heavy loads and burdens the Africans carried on their heads as a part of their regular jobs.

The most astonishing individual he met, in this regard, was a lady who had perfected the technique of carrying heavy loads on her head to such a degree that her peers called her “the human delivery truck.” Amazing at it seems to us, she delivered engine blocks from cars and trucks from one repair shop to another. According to the story, four men would lift the engine block on to a tray that she carried on her head—she would balance her cargo, and off she would go across town to deliver her heavy load.

One day the lady came to her destination and found that no one was there to assist her in taking the load off her head. She waited as long as she could, and finally she was forced to try to remove it herself. In so doing, she broke her neck and died.

David based his funeral sermon for that woman on Matthew 11:28-30, and here’s a small excerpt of what he said:

“There is a weight we are all carrying that is so heavy we cannot move it ourselves. We must have some help. This load is so heavy that your friends cannot remove it, your family cannot remove it, and your good deeds cannot remove it. Your church, your minister…no one can remove it.

“The good news is that there is someone whose specialty is lifting this load. His name is Jesus. He will lift the weight and burden off the heads of those who come to him in faith.”

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