Be Still! – by Greg Albrecht

When in danger, when in doubt,
Run in circles, scream and shout
The British Navy has a strange custom, I am told. If a sudden disaster happens, “the still” is blown. If you live in certain parts of the United States you may think of a still as a place where bootleg whiskey is produced.
The “still” in the British Navy, as I understand it, is a whistle which calls the crew of a ship to a moment of silence in a time of crisis. It’s a moment of calm that allows everyone to collect their thoughts before they respond to an emergency.
My wife, Karen, and I recently witnessed the results of failure to be still in the face of a crisis. Thirty-five years ago, when we first moved into our neighborhood, we would occasionally see peacocks stroll through our front yard. Peafowl are incredibly beautiful, especially when the male peacock fans out his tail feathers. This breathtaking display is often a part of a courting ritual as the male attempts to impress and attract the female peahen.
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