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Q & R – Greg Albrecht – Why does Jesus mention the Sabbath?

Question Hello Greg, I worshipped with you and many others on CWRa – your message was "SO THAT ... OR BECAUSE?" As a side note, I am wondering why Jesus referred to "the Sabbath" in Matthew 24:20? Hebrews 4 seems to indicate no specific day for "Sabbath-rest" now. Praying for and supporting PTM/CWR. Response Great to hear you joined us for the message. The question to which you refer, in Matthew 24:20: “Pray that your flight will not place in the winter or on the Sabbath.” Matthew 24 is the Olivet Prophecy – some believe many of Jesus’ warnings/predictions are yet to take place.  I believe, based in large part on vs. 34, “this ...

July 2020

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