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Walking With Jesus – Greg Albrecht

During Jesus’ earthly life, walking was the primary and popular form of transit. Most people traveled from point “A” to point “B” by walking. If they needed food, they didn’t walk out the front door and get in their car, nor did they step out the front door and hop on their donkey and go to their local Super-Sol/Super-Sal (the largest supermarket chain in Israel today). They didn’t call Door Dash, Grubhub or Uber Eats for a home delivery. They walked. There are of course times when the word “walk” is used in the Bible in a literal sense, describing how people moved their bodies on foot from one place to another. But the ...

Follow Your Heart! Really? (part 1) Brad Jersak

“Follow you heart.” There’s something about this bit of proverbial wisdom that sounds so right, so refreshing, so healing. To those who’ve shaken free of the restraints of religious moralism or experienced the bankruptcy of rationalism, the rediscovery of one’s heart is a thrilling find indeed. To uncover this precious gift from beneath a thousand layers of emotional limestone is, in a deep way, to be born again. And what a wonderful surprise to find out that perhaps the human heart is, at its core, not some monster to be destroyed, but a pearl to be reclaimed and cherished. And so we hear this anthem, this slogan—Follow your heart!—...

March 2017

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