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July 2019

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Healing Weary Words: Sin, Repentance and Justification – Brad Jersak

Healing Weary Words: Sin, Repentance and Justification in the Context of the Incarnation We’re often told “sin” refers to “missing the mark” but then left to assume the mark has to do with moralistic perfection. Rather, the mark, goal or telos of human design and destiny is none other than love union with Trinity, with each other and with our world. To sin (every kind of sin) is to misuse our God-given freedom/energies to turn away from self-giving, other-welcoming love in favor of self-will. As it turns out, our forays into self-centeredness are also self-destructive—a turn from love and life into a wasting disease that would ...

Repentance — What and How?

What's repentance all about?  How does one come to it, and what's the motivation?  Greg gives the biblical teaching about repentance, so don't miss listening to this nuts-and-bolts discussion. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/PTR0164.mp3

How we respond to the fall of a spiritual abuser – David Hayward

This cartoon depicts the danger of surrendering our dignity and rights to a spiritual abuser. I read Adrian Warnock’s thoughts on Mark Driscoll and the Acts 29 story. Warnock’s thoughts can be summed up with the following: Accept it. We shouldn’t be alarmed by what’s happening with Driscoll. No church is perfect. No pastor is perfect. These things happen. Paul and Barnabas are an example of disputes within the church. Back off. Warnock blames the internet for a lot of the problem because everything gets reported by everybody for everyone to see. We don’t really know what happened. Most of the criticisms ...