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Q&R with Brad Jersak – Sin

Question: I have just finished reading "Out of the Embers," and you know, I never once thought about sin (at least "sin" as understood in my evangelical context). Does sin (moral or ethical infraction) mean anything to you anymore?  To God? Response: Great question! In our modern and post-modern context, the word "sin" often carries a lot of baggage and not nearly enough depth. For example, in the tradition I was formed in, "sin" generally referred to: 1. The "sin condition" I was born with, inherited from Adam's guilt... we called this "the sin nature" and were taught that when we came to Christ, we would receive a "new nature" or "new ...

Repentance — What and How?

What's repentance all about?  How does one come to it, and what's the motivation?  Greg gives the biblical teaching about repentance, so don't miss listening to this nuts-and-bolts discussion. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/PTR0164.mp3

July 2019

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