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Free Will, the Nous and Divine Judgment: A Critical Analysis of Three Visions of Universalism — by Brad Jersak

  I’ll say it again at the outset. I’m not a universalist.But some of my friends are … some of my evangelical friends, some of my Orthodox friends. So I ask them questions about that. This is not flirting (as Lewis and Barth were accused of), but simply being fair. In the name of ‘discernment,’ I’ve encountered a LOT of name-calling, dismissiveness, intentional misrepresentation and caricaturing. “Earth to Matilda!” – that’s not discernment. We can and must do better than that. Surely we could at least build bridges (from both ends of the chasm!) long enough so that listening could displace lobbing.  &n...

10 Affirmations on Divine Judgement: A Inclusivist Perspective — Brad Jersak

Hopeful Inclusivists believe in Divine Judgment “Hopeful Inclusivism” - definition: 1. The belief, held by John Wesley, Billy Graham and many others, that while Christ alone is our means of salvation, those who have never heard his name might yet be saved by him because when they turn to the Light they do have, Christ is that Light. 2. The belief, taught by Hans Urs Von Balthasar, Kallistos Ware and Brad Jersak, that because Christ has conquered death for all, the event of death cannot separate us from God’s love (Romans 8) and God’s mercy indeed endures forever. Thus, in principle, Christ opens up the gates of possibility that all might ...

January 2021

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