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Love or War – Peace or Fear?

Many believe that the opposite of love is hate, but fear is the real opposing force, for it drives and motivates hatred and war and everything that stands against Jesus Christ. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR474.mp3  

Q&R: Why the Violent God of Joshua? Brad Jersak

QUESTION Where might I find some good help reading the Book of Joshua? I have spent ten years changing my paradigm, coming to see that God is good. But then I read Joshua and have so many questions. I cannot believe this is a good God. Why the violence? Christians don't need more excuses for their bad behavior. Please help me find a good book that can explain some of this violence. RESPONSE Thank you for asking such an important question. While not a commentary, I think you’ll find that our CWR press book, A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel, addresses the bigger problem—particularly the central section, titled ...

Amid the Brain Fog of Wartime – Brad Jersak

On Ash Wednesday, 2022, I write from a window-facing easy-chair, glancing over my laptop at the Northern Flicker pecking seed from a feeder, grasping for moments of stillness of heart. As an educator, I’m faced with the challenge of grading book reports and prepping lessons amid the brain fog of wartime, having spent an hour on Zoom on Tuesday, hearing the lament of a Ukrainian priest in Lviv between bomb shelter alarms. It’s hard to recall why what I do matters in the shadow of vacuum bombs and civilian casualties that have the stamp of approval from Christian nationalists. I’m tempted with despondency even as I recline in my place of ...