Is God Disappointed With You? – Greg Albrecht

There is no doubt the “disappointed God” must be included in the Top Ten Misunderstandings of God. Here’s the heavenly picture this erroneous stereotype creates: the “disappointed God” sits, slumped forward on his heavenly throne, head in hands, peering down, sighing and frowning, disillusioned and frustrated with you and me. This misconception of God presents God as dismayed and despondent because of our seemingly never-ending failures. The “disappointed God” wonders whether you and I will ever learn.

Of course, dissatisfaction exists in our relationship with God, but the frustration is on our part, not that of God’s. The disenchantment we feel toward God comes from our perceptions of what we believe to be his failures. God disappoints us when he doesn’t do what we think he ought to do when we believe he should.

Disappointment with God is a deep emotional pit into which we can fall when we conclude that God is neither with us nor for us. But our failure to feel God’s presence is not proof that he is not near. We become frustrated with God if and when we think of him as a god who is the product of our projections, fantasies, wishes and needs. If we have such a god we will wind up blaming God. If we have such a god we will only see God as he heals and comforts us—we will only see him as being present in the bandages that heal our wounds. If we have a god who is the creation of our desires we will inevitably feel that he deserts us during affliction and adversity, disease and distress, sickness and sorrow.

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