How Big Is God? – Greg Albrecht

Many Christians seem to believe that Jesus came to this earth as a kind of Plan B. They’ve been taught that Jesus came to this earth to save us because Adam “fell”—and further, they’ve been told that when Adam “fell” God had to, in effect, scurry around and come up with Plan B.

This reasoning is of course, unbiblical—and beyond that, it doesn’t make sense. Why would Christmas, the incarnation of God, be Plan B? Why wouldn’t Christmas have been on the drawing boards from the very get-go? Why wouldn’t Jesus have been planning to come anyway?

Years ago I read a little book by J.B. Phillips titled Your God is Too Small. J.B. Phillips wanted the reader to understand that we, the created, limit our Creator—we shrink him down to our size, into our dimensions. Our keynote passage in John 1:1-18 teaches us that our God is far bigger than we could ever imagine.

The longer we know God, by his grace, and the longer we walk with him as his transformed and spiritually reborn children, the more we wrestle with trying to get our brains around the infinite. Of course, given our human limitations, we will never, in this flesh, fully get our brains and our hearts around the limitless, infinite God.

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