Grace and Truth Come Through Jesus Christ – Greg Albrecht


Here’s a news flash! Religion is confrontational and hostile to anyone that dares to differ with it. Religion is, at best, irrelevant to our relationship with God. Christ-less religion actually leads people away from God!

Grace-less religion advances its agenda, which is all about the relationship it offers (or inflicts upon) its followers. The relationship religion offers usually includes a relationship with a building, with real estate, with icons, with treasures (real or imagined) and with rituals and performances and traditions which are themselves reputed to be of heavenly value. In many cases religion promises spiritual rewards based on an individual’s relationship with a multi-national religious corporation. Your relationship with that legal, religious entity, says religion, is based on law—a law which is, when all is said and done, its laws, its rules, its regulations.

But when we carefully look at the gospel of Jesus Christ, we see a dramatically different picture emerging. We see Jesus proclaiming a personal relationship with God, given to us by the boundless riches of his grace. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers us close, personal relationship with God, not mediated by human power structures and authoritarian dogma, but mediated solely by Jesus, God in the flesh. Your relationship with God, says your Bible, is based on his amazing grace.

I believe that authentic Christianity is all about freedom in Christ—often at the expense of, and in spite of, corporate/ denominational membership. The Law Was Given Though Moses—Grace and Truth Came Through Jesus Christ will further explore and discover how God makes himself known in our lives. We will do this by studying John 1:17 in conjunction with 2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2.

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