Election 2020 – Fever Pitched Anxieties – Greg Albrecht

These must be the last days.  Politicians are running hither and yon, desperately trying to say things that will influence followers and persuade the persuade-able.  Listening to the hand-wringing anxiety and the fever-pitched appeals I was reminded “your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).  

“I’m from the government and I am here to help you” has come to be accepted as one of the great lies of our time.  As we live through the last days of October the rhetoric is hot and heavy.  People are energetically touting the wares of their candidates.   Whatever you want to hear is a message that is out there, hoping to attract your vote.   

Turn on your television and listen to the clever attempts to cajole and convince by playing on emotions.   Walk or drive through your neighborhood and take note of billboards and yard signs.    Observe the signs that plead for a particular candidate and other signs that mock the opposition.   Some signs want revenge.  They want pay-back.  Not much about loving your neighbor, it seems.

Isn’t it amazing how political candidates and parties and platforms can so quickly turn into a religion?  Many deeply believe that their “side” will be a kingdom that will bring salvation.   So soon we forget.  Political leaders, no matter what their stripe or affiliation, so often lead to despair and disappointment.  A shining star one day, a fallen star the next. 

So here we are again, like the Old Testament nation of Israel begging for a king.  Because they begged for a king, God consented, but not without warning them of the consequences of their request (see 1 Samuel 8).   God told them a king would take their sons and make them serve.  He would take their daughters.   He would take the best of their fields and your vineyards.   He would tax them.    Take, take and more taking.   Like the devil, earthly powers will devour us, using and abusing us.  God didn’t tell Israel that kings would normally be dedicated to giving, serving and helping.   

My wife and I have already voted by mail-in ballot.  But we have no expectations that what we believe to be right and true and virtuous will triumph.  We need leaders who will serve and give of themselves for the greater good.  We need leaders who are not corrupt and crooked.  We need leaders who will inspire and lift us.  I didn’t see many of those people on the ballot.  I hope I will be pleasantly surprise by a few leaders, but I am not holding my breath. 

I looked for King Jesus on my ballot, but his name didn’t appear.  Jesus hasn’t been running dirty ads on his opponents.  Jesus hasn’t been canvassing neighborhoods.  Jesus hasn’t been, nor has he ever nor will he ever pander to human lust and greed in an effort to gain votes and followers.

What does Jesus do?  He invites us to follow him.   He invites us to receive his grace, mercy and love.  He invites us to dine at his table.  He invites us to come home.   That’s the candidate I continue to look for, now and forever. 

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