Getting Caught Up in a Religious Show – Greg Albrecht

Acts 5:1-11

Here’s a story that might seem as if it belongs in the Old Testament rather than the New. The story related by our keynote passage begins with an idyllic picture of new Christians, living together and sharing their lives. But then, in the midst of this upbeat picture of God’s favor and blessings, comes a depressing story of a man and his wife who gave an offering to God, but misrepresented the actual amount of how much they gave. In the middle of this time when God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all (Acts 4:33) God took the life of this husband and wife.

Our keynote passage causes us to ask: What does God taking the life of this man and wife have to do with his grace? Let me offer seven points to ponder as we consider the implications and teachings we can glean from this passage:

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