How God Chooses His Team – Greg Albrecht

Remember those times when you gathered with a group of your friends and schoolmates to participate in a game that involved two teams? My memories are of two captains who were popularly chosen, or who, by virtue of their size, age and ability (or all three) appointed themselves.

Then the captains started choosing people for their teams. They always chose those who they felt would help them win—that’s logical. Games are all about winning. So when sides were chosen the fastest, strongest, most popular and most athletic were chosen first.

As each person was chosen they walked over and stood next to their captain, until finally there was one last “un-chosen” person standing alone. I always felt sorry for this person—they weren’t actually chosen like everyone else, but instead, they joined the team who had the last chance to choose—they were the only one left so they joined their team by default.

They normally didn’t purposefully stride over to their team—they usually shuffled over to line up next to their captain and teammates, because it was obvious neither team really wanted them. That’s the way life is in our world—Darwin called it the “survival of the fittest.” Survival of the fittest is an appropriate way to describe our world apart from God. Apart from God, it’s a dog-eat-dog, do-unto-others-before-they-do-unto-you world.

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