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Today, Tuesday November 28, is “Giving Tuesday”. Giving Tuesday is a day that encourages people to give back in whatever way they can. It presents nonprofit organizations, like Plain Truth Ministries, an opportunity for us to raise money to continue proclaiming Christ-centered Christianity without the religion.
If you have been helped and benefited from what we offer at Plain Truth Ministries, please consider helping us help others.

Thank you for your support: Click here – Help Us Help Others

PTM is a non-profit ministry.  We rely on and deeply appreciate your financial help as we share the hope and inspiration of God’s love and amazing grace.  As you benefit from our worldwide work, please Help Us Help Others. Thank you for your generosity!
Following are comments from some we have helped.

Thank you so much for all your encouraging work. The messages you send out help make sense of what is going on in the world today. There is hope after all when we just stay focused on Jesus Christ. —Washington

Your materials have probably been the most helpful of any I’ve read or heard in my theological shift (after forty years in the evangelical church). This ministry is wonderful. I find the things you offer week by week more encouraging than I can find words for, and I am thrilled to see the variety of people included among your authors and contributors. What a treasure house of resources and teaching. —United Kingdom

There are many charities out there who seem to need help. It seems like I give to one and suddenly receive requests from ten more out of nowhere. I believe at this time CWR/PTM is the most truthful and sincere. I thank you for your help. —Michigan

I was a drug addict and in prison. I knew in my heart I couldn’t get free. But God brought my heart to him. I felt His presence of perfect love in my life. I said “Lord, lead me wherever you want to lead me.” Thank you, PTM, for helping me get to know Him better. —Finland

About six months ago I discovered your website and since then I have devoured all I can—the magazines, sermons, letters, blogs—the many resources you provide free of charge. I’ve started to donate because your ministry is worth every penny! Don’t ever give up! —Florida

You have given me many great ideas for sermons. I listen to your sermons on your website, not just for ideas but for my own encouragement, because a pastor’s life can get lonely especially if one determines (as I did years ago) to forget the religion and focus on Jesus. —South Africa

Much that is happening in the world is painful and scary. But my wife and I are among the very blessed because we belong to Jesus Christ and we listen to the team at CWR/PTM. —Nevada

I just want to tell you how much the messages you have given this past week have meant to me. I pray the return of Christ to this crazy world will be sooner than later. Thank you again for your messages and I hope to soon be able to contribute again to your amazing work. —Canada

I’ve learned more from PTM/CWR than I’ve learned in a church for over 32 years. I now have a wonderful relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus. Thank you all. —Texas

When I was surfing the web I came across your ministry. I spent a few hours on your website, and I found out that Greg Albrecht ‘identifies’ as an irreligious Christ-follower. I thought, “that’s exactly where I am right now, and where I have been for the past two decades or so.” I love your honesty, integrity and authenticity. I appreciate that you don’t push church attendance at a building, and that you insist real Christianity can be practiced apart from a building. That’s me, and I am with you! —England

CWR/PTM has a lot of good resources I’ve been enjoying for years. Now I have a “new” one. I’ve been downloading mp3 podcasts of the Daily Radio for a few days. Thanks to all those involved in putting together the radio programs and everything else on your site. —Nebraska

Thank you for the magazines. They are a great comfort in these troubling times! The messages are always a great help to me. Thank you and God bless PTM! —Wisconsin

Please consider helping Plain Truth Ministries.

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