How Far Will God Go For Love? – by Greg Albrecht

Lending institutions place a cap or limit on the total amount of purchases you can charge to their card. They will only let you go so far before your credit runs out. How far can we go with God before he says to us “That’s it—my grace has its limits!” Is it possible to use so much of God’s love that our account will be “maxed out”?

Of course God’s mercy, grace and love are endless. As and when we request forgiveness, God will always forgive us. That’s one of the attributes that makes him God. But, is it possible to take advantage of God’s good graces? Surely he isn’t like an indulgent grandparent who just sits on his throne, watching us willfully lying, cheating and stealing without ever coming to a point when he won’t extend any more grace!

Isn’t it possible for us to come to a place when God says to us, “You’ve gone beyond the limits of my compassion. You have too many sins on your sin debit card now—I can’t extend any more grace to you.”

Let’s think about the cross of Christ—and how far God, in Christ, went, to demonstrate his love to us.

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