Meals on Wheels – Greg Albrecht

Earlier this year my wife and I attended memorial services for the wife of an older gentleman who frequents the same gym where my wife and I exercise. Jerrat is one of a number of seniors who arrive early at the gym, virtually every day. We have joined this group about three times a week over the last 6-8 years.

A group of about 20 of us from the gym (we call ourselves gym rats) joined Jerrat, his family, loved ones and friends, supporting them during this time of loss. A week or so after the funeral my wife Karen decided to make some dinner for Jerrat. We called him and asked him if we could come to his house and bring him dinner. He was so thankful as Karen continued to make him meals, on a regular basis, during those early months when he was grieving the loss of his wife.

During those first few months after his wife’s passing, when we arrived at Jerrat’s front door with another home cooked meal, I started to jokingly tell him that we were “Meals on Wheels.” Our experience and my identification of our efforts as “Meals on Wheels” inspired me to research this wonderful community outreach. I discovered that “Meals on Wheels” is the oldest and largest nutritional program operated within the United States, and that a veritable army of volunteers (somewhere between 800,000 and 1.5 million people) are needed to deliver meals to senior citizens.

Jerrat’s genuine thanks-giving for these meals prepared by Karen caused me to think a little bit more about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time when our thoughts turn to food—planning a menu, shopping, preparing and consuming a Thanksgiving feast—in fact God has created us so that our thoughts never really venture too far away from food. Hunger is a constant reminder to each of us of our dependence on God. God created us so that we would constantly need to be replenished with food and water.

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