18 Prominent Biblical Passages – and Why by Greg Albrecht

Greg Albrecht

Recently I was asked to provide a list of my top ten verses in the Bible. The request specified that each of the ten selections be restricted to just one, or at most, several verses and no more. I tried, but I could never boil my list down to just ten brief passages, so I decided to respond by expanding on the original request.

I set out to make a list of top ten passages. At first I thought that I could come up with my top ten passages in the Bible if I allowed for “passages” to be more than simply a verse or two but a chapter or even an entire book of the Bible. But then, after working on that plan, I was still stymied. I couldn’t boil my list down to just ten passages.

So before I begin, please know that I am not suggesting the list I am going to share with you is better than one you may devise or better than anyone else’s. It’s just my list. So here are 18 Prominent Biblical Passages—and Why. I’ll also refer to this list as the Elite 18.

1) Creation—Genesis 1-2: My Elite 18 includes bookend passages, one at the very beginning of the Bible and another at the end. Genesis 1-2 is important because the Bible begins with what some call the first cause, the question of origins. Where did we come from? What’s the origin of all life?

2) The Lord is My Shepherd—Psalm 23: Like many of the passages I have chosen, this one is self-evident. An entire series of sermons could be dedicated to this chapter. Entire books could be written, and of course many have been, about this fascinating picture of our relationship to God, who is the Lord our Shepherd.

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