Q & R – Greg Albrecht – “How do you define sin?”


I am seeking to join a church that promotes Christianity w/o the religion, but they define sin as “missing the mark”.  Isn’t that a religious definition of sin? I am moved to not join this church because of that, however, no brick and mortar church is perfect. What do you think, briefly?


I would say that defining sin as “missing the mark” is narrow and legalistic. Sin is bigger than failing to measure up to a standard – it includes that, of course, but sin is our nature – for humans, sin is part of our spiritual environment, just as air is to our physical environment.  Perhaps sin is a bit like gravity – a spiritual law (see Romans 7) that pulls us down.  We are never, while in this flesh, sin-free – (see 1 John 1:8).

We cannot get away from sin no matter how faithfully we might adhere to “a mark” – whatever that mark might be.  Of course, a “mark” is another part of this discussion.  Who determines the mark which, when we fail to measure up, makes us “sinful.”  If we achieve that “mark” are we then, de facto, righteous?  I thought Jesus alone makes us righteous, not our ability to achieve a “mark” as determined by a religious authority.

So yes, there is no perfect brick and mortar church – but it would seem that one should be in essential theological harmony with what is preached – no reason to be constantly disagreeing with what is taught.

Hope this helps, In Christ, Greg Albrecht

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