Q & R with Greg Albrecht – “Are Catholics Christians?”


Is there a difference between a Christian and a Catholic?


No, there isn’t necessarily any difference between a Christian and a Catholic, or a Christian and a Lutheran, or a Christian and a Baptist. On the other hand, not all Catholics, Lutherans or Baptists are Christians simply because of their membership in a specific denomination. Christianity is a personal relationship between God and humans, and no human organization has the exclusive right to represent God on earth.

Some doubt that there are any Christians at all in certain churches, and some Protestants typically have this view toward Catholics. This issue goes back to the Reformation, to Martin Luther, almost 500 years ago.

For Protestants to write off all Catholics as non-Christians because the church to which they belong officially supports Maryology, prayers to saints, and other unbiblical practices is to dismiss the sovereignty and power of God.  God has his people everywhere – and no one person, no one church, can encompass or identify all Christians. We can thank God for that, for if someone, or some church could identify all Christians, and everyone else who was not a Christian (in fact there are some sects and cults that make this claim), this insight would lead to a host of problems.

How sad that many Protestants doubt whether Catholics are Christians.  Equally so, many Catholics doubt whether Protestants are Christians.  Jesus said that Christians would be known by their love.  Instead, it seems we’re often known as rock throwers!

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