Rebound! – Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler

The basketball game was proceeding at a frenzied pace. Receiving a pass from his teammate, the hometown guard
dribbled toward center court. The defending team was employing a full-court press, so our player faked to the left and drove hard to the right, dribbling to within fifteen feet of the basket. There he attempted a one-handed jump shot which ricocheted off the glass and caromed straight up off the front of the rim.

Amazed that he has missed the mark, our player stops in his tracks, his upper torso hanging limp in dejection. Looking toward the coach, he sobs his apologies and laments his failure.

“I’m sorry, Coach,” he cries. “I’ll try to do better.” But focusing on the error only has a reverse effect that causes him to question his competency and capabilities as a ballplayer and hinders his subsequent endeavors.

Ridiculous? Certainly!

But so is the other extreme, the player who, having missed the mark, shrugs his shoulders and says, “So what? Big deal!”

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