Reflections Along the Jesus Way

September 17, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“In this image, there is no more sea.  In ancient times, the ocean was viewed as a realm of mythical monsters, a mysterious and frightening force that regularly took human lives.  In apocalyptic imagery, the sea is the source of the satanic beast.  The absence of the sea is therefore symbolic of the absence of evil from the earth.

As we read symbolic literature, we are always tempted to try to reduce it to our world of reality; to take abstract, profound truth that is so overwhelming we cannot possibly embrace all that it means and whittle it down to our size.  Thus, we see people speculating about how much more land there will be on this earth when there are no more oceans. 

Others prepare elaborate charts and diagrams, using the dimensions given for the new Jerusalem later in this chapter, and placing the present city of Jerusalem in the center of the new Jerusalem, then superimposing the specifications given in Revelation on a map of the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and the Mediterranean.  If you are tempted to interpret Revelation in such a way, you will miss the message.  Step back.  Take a look at the picture God is painting.” 

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Revelation Revolution


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