Reflections Along the Jesus Way

September 21, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“It’s amazing what we humans find impressive.  Thinking back to religious places I have been, religious displays I have witnessed and religious rituals I have personally performed, I remember many times when I have been impressed by dead men and women walking.  Thinking back throughout my years spent deceived by the devices of institutionalized religion, I have taken plenty of tours in what amounted to spiritually whitewashed tombs.  When I was a dead man living within what was actually a spiritual tomb, I thought I was vibrant and alive.  I thought anyone not in my tomb was dead! I was seriously impressed with activities, ceremonies and performances that were part of my life in my particular tomb, and beyond that I patterned my life after dead bodies. At the time spiritual tombs looked holy and righteous to me, but I have since discovered that those same spiritual addresses contained spiritual decay and stench, deceived into thinking it was a way of life (an ironic phrase to use for dead religion!), because at the time I was spiritually dead myself.”  

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Unplugging from Religion – Connecting With God


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