Reflections Along the Jesus Way

October 19, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“During a discussion with a new acquaintance in which I challenged some of her views, it became obvious to me that she considered the fact that I am an old white male as de facto proof that I am a hateful and bigoted racist.

When I pointed out that her judgment of me was itself racist (I’m white), sexist (I’m male) and based on age discrimination (65 is fading fast in my rear-view mirror), she was not amused…

I did not bother to tell her I am one of those hateful, bigoted racists who believe in the absolute historical proof of the Holocaust and that I support the right of the nation of Israel to exist.  I did not wish to intensify the differences we had, so I did ask her why so many self-described enlightened and progressive North Americans label everyone who doesn’t agree with them on every topic as racists.  Her remarks gave me the impression that she dismissed me and ‘my kind’ as not being ‘woke’ (and it’s true, I do take more naps now than ever).

It appears that some people don’t believe God can love me, because I am an old white male who isn’t a member of their political party.  If that is the criteria for God’s love, then I am out of luck because I refuse to be a member of any political party.  As Groucho Marx used to say, ‘I refuse to be a member of a club that would accept me as a member.’” 

Originally published in:

Christianity Without the Religion magazine, February 2020


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