Reflections Along the Jesus Way

October 22, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

Quid pro quo means ‘something for something – something received or given in return for something else.’ We humans learn quickly that we must work for what we get in our world. We earn wages for services we render. Quid pro quo. We earn approval and acceptance by deeds we perform. Quid pro quo. People like and love us if we help them, serve them, and make them feel or look good. Quid pro quo. Grace is the opposite of quid pro quo. God is grace.  He gives and loves, without guarantee or prior evidence of any return on his investment.  Not only does God not reward us for what we deserve, he gives us what we can never deserve.  God returns good for evil, because when all is said and done, the best we humans can ever accomplish is tainted by sin.  The product of our lives is at best flawed and imperfect. God is grace – he does not respond to us ‘in kind’ – he does not respond on a quid pro quo basis – but instead he returns good for evil.  God is grace.”

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