Reflections Along the Jesus Way

November 19, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“Many North Americans seek religious meaning by continuing a cultural trend first exemplified in the freedom movement of the 1960s.  In many celebration (or praise and worship) churches the underlying assumption is that God enjoys receiving what we most enjoy giving, in terms of worship.  In such a religious culture the underlying premise seems to be that God embraces our agenda, rather than the other way around. Spiritual menus in many mega-church environments are based on predigested, feel-good, positive thinking, self-empowering messages based on self-esteem.  God’s will has become a cliché in some of these environments, with people casually telling friends that ‘the Lord told me’ to do thus and such, with God’s will miraculously conforming to the subjective desire of those who believe they are seeking him.” 

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Unplugging from Religion – Connecting With God


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