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December 12, 2023 – Quote for the Day:


“The Son of God was born into the world, not as a prince, but as a pauper.  So, to deck up the legendary scene of his nativity with precious hangings, pictures, glittering lamps and other ornamentation, is to destroy whatever valid symbolism it might otherwise have had.  Truly, we human beings have a wonderful facility for thus snatching fantasy from the jaws of truth. – Malcom Muggeridge Let us not think of Jesus as spiritual Prozac, designed to cure our depression by masking the symptoms but never offering a cure for the true problem.  May we not be seduced by the silly and empty proposition that Jesus can be purchased and sold either at the shopping mall or in a church building.  Jesus is not a product that can be purchased with human currency or effort.  Jesus is neither a cute stuffed animal or a gadget whose batteries must be replaced.”

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