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December 14, 2023 – Quote for the Day:


“How did this incredible and astounding story about God’s love incarnated for us become an orgy of eating, drinking, getting and grasping?  How did God’s love being born into our story become so devalued that many primarily understand its celebration as a time when they shop until they drop, spending money they do not have in a vain pursuit of buying love and proving their love to those they hold near and dear?…

Sadly, a headlong pursuit of purchasing love for ourselves blurs and obscures the miracle, majesty and mystery of God’s love coming to this earth.  Here-today-and-gone-tomorrow gratification overwhelms the eternal significance of the announcement of God’s love being born into our story.

The Prince of peace, the King of the kingdom came into enemy-occupied territory without a passport or a visa – with no permission or approval whatsoever from the governing authorities.  The Prince of peace proclaimed a kingdom where men and women would not be accorded status or esteem by the credentials on their wall, the trophies in their trophy case or the size of their home or bank account.”  

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