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December 17, 2023 – Quote for the Day:


“God, though what we call the Incarnation, came into our world in the person of Jesus.  Jesus came into our time-bound world from eternity.  The dilemma that the Incarnation presents for our human minds is that Jesus remained divine while becoming human.  He still inhabited boundless eternity, but he also inhabited the limitations of our world and what it means to be human.  He came into time.  He was born, lived, died on the cross and was resurrected.  He is now risen; He’s still in time as well as being outside of it.   The Book of Revelation is from Him and about Him.  This is a message from Jesus, who lives both with us and in eternity, about the relationship we can have with Him. It is impossible to fully comprehend Revelation by reducing its message to our space and time.  There is no question that there are some passages that have a human chronological perspective, but even those passages must be understood with a Christ-centered perspective.  The time of Revelation is time calculated according to the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.  All specific dates are time computed and measured by the ‘standard mean time” of the kingdom age ushered in when Jesus entered our world.’

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