Reflections Along the Jesus Way

January 18, 2024 – Quote for the Day:


“Here is the Christ-centered perspective; it is only by seeing Jesus as He really is that we understand our world as it really is. We must not evaluate God according to our world, for in so doing we diminish him. This is part of the force of the Second Commandment of the old covenant, when Israel was commanded not to make images of God. Nothing we can create can begin to capture the essence of God; all human depictions devalue and corrupt him. Many popular attempts at ‘end times prophecy’ turn God into something and someone He is not. They result from having the theological cart before the horse. Our theology needs to be informed by who God is, not by our limited human insights, exaggerated sense of our spiritual contributions, or by preoccupation with the future.” 

Originally published in:

Revelation Revolution


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