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January 25, 2024 – Quote for the Day:


“The gospel transforms every dimension of our lives. Paul said it was not appropriate to drag old cultural/religious traditions into the gospel (in this case Jewish religious traditions).  Paul insisted, as Jesus said, that we cannot put the new wine of the gospel into the old wineskins of some former belief, some former religion, some former set of teachings.

Jesus said that the new wine of the gospel cannot be enclosed in any religious container.  Eventually the gospel, as it grows, will ferment and then explode. The gospel will blow up any religious container that tries to remake the gospel into its own image.

We cannot take the gospel and institutionalize it or domesticate it. We cannot take the gospel and put it in the attic or basement, we can’t put a lid on it, we can’t bottle it and put our logo or brand on it. The gospel is spiritually ‘organic’ and pure – it can’t be humanly processed. The gospel is the power of God – no human church or denomination can control it or own it.  The gospel is bigger than all human corporations, groups, movements, efforts and outreaches.”

Originally published in:

Spiritual Soup for the Hungry Soul, Volume 1


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