Reflections Along the Jesus Way

February 7, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“Many markets and outlets within Christendom are consumer-driven – they will give us what we want.  They have done the studies.  They are well aware of demographics and psychographics.  Religious marketing experts know all about you.  They know your preferences, your likes and dislikes.  They also know what you would enjoy if you could afford it or if you had the time.

Religious corporations and institutions have done their homework about felt needs, as well.  They know that humans want lists, programs and self-help manuals.  Human beings are pragmatic.   Before we buy into some religious program we want to know if it works.  We want to know how much we need to do, when, where and how.  We will pay for a religious therapist or trainer to put us on a spiritual diet, take us into a religious gym, and whip us into shape.  And because we are persuaded by what works (because that’s what we want) that’s the kind of stuff being produced on the assembly lines in religious factories.”

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Unplugging from Religion – Connecting With God


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