Reflections Along the Jesus Way

January 30, 2024 – Quote for the Day:


“Apart from God’s forgiveness, we all feel a sense of condemnation. Shame and guilt result when we fail to measure up to societal, ethical, biblical or family standards. The fact that everyone is imperfect does not help when we experience a major failure. Shame and guilt can be a burden carried and lived with, like a recuring nightmare, for decades.  Shame and guilt comprise spiritual swamps that imprison so many. Shame relates to how we feel about ourselves – who we think we are. Guilt relates to our behavior – what we have done. When overwhelmed by guilt, we say, ‘I did something bad.’ When we are ashamed, we say to ourselves, ‘I am bad.’  Guilt says, ‘I made a mistake.’ Shame believes, ‘I am a mistake.’”

Originally published in:

Christianity Without the Religion magazine, October 2018


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