Reflections Along the Jesus Way

March 12, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“There’s an old story about a young man who asked his rich grandfather, ‘Grandpa, how did you get so rich?’  ‘Well,’ said Grandpa, ‘during the Great Depression my family had no money whatsoever.  I found two pennies in my old piggy bank, and I bought an apple with those two pennies.  I shined that apple up, took it out on the street where people were hungry, and sold it for five cents.

‘Then I took that nickel and bought two more apples for two cents each.  I shined them all up, took them back on the street, and sold them for five cents each.

The grandfather paused, and then continued, ‘That was my first real job.  I did real well selling apples during the Great Depression.’

The young man was all ears.  When his grandfather paused, he said, ‘Wow, Grandpa – is that how you became a millionaire, buying and selling apples?’

His grandfather looked amused, and said, ‘No, no, I became a millionaire when my uncle Hank died and left me two million dollars.’ 

There are two ways to become a millionaire: 1) through your own hard work – in this case, buying and selling apples, and 2) because someone gives you something you do not earn.”

Originally published in:

Spiritual Soup for the Hungry Soul, Volume 1


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