Reflections Along the Jesus Way

March 16, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“Beginning in the second grade, I lived in constant apprehension and fear of an impending doomsday.  My family and I believed that “the end” could come at any time; we were convinced that we always lived in a window of a “few short years” from the events surrounding the second coming, I did not treasure the message of Revelation, I feared it.  The specific “end times” interpretation I was taught exercised enormous power over me and many others.  Decades later God’s grace completely changed my understanding of Revelation – from a book to be feared to a book to be treasured.  God’s grace helped me to find the authentic message and unique Messenger of Revelation and in the process to discover what it has to say about the real agenda of performance-based religion.” 

Originally published in:

Revelation Revolution


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