Reflections Along the Jesus Way

April 20, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“The more oppressive and legalistic the church is, the more hell fire and brimstone condemnations will issue from pulpits, effectively trying to scare people into buying ‘fire insurance’ so they won’t be eternally basted on some spit in hell.  It’s not a pretty picture, is it?  But it is an accurate picture of the state of churchianity in North America today.  Legalism has turned many churches into spiritually incestuous clubs of condemnation, where lists are made and modified – lists that condemn outsiders to hell… It’s interesting that legalistic religion focuses on certain external behaviors and labels them as the worst of the worst, but at the same time little if any emphasis is given to … gluttony, political corruption, corporate greed, pride, arrogance, deceit, gossip, slander, racism, sexism, war-mongering and nationalism (worship of country instead of the one true God).” 

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Unplugging from Religion – Connecting With God


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