Reflections Along the Jesus Way

April 25, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“You may have heard the story about St. Peter giving a tour of heaven.  New arrivals boarded a tour bus with St. Peter as their guide.  Early in their heavenly tour they drove past a gated community, surrounded by ten-foot-high brick walls covered with ivy.  The enclave sported manicured lawns and beautiful hedges and flower gardens leading up to the gate where uniformed personnel ensured no one entered who was not worthy.

One new arrival said, ‘Who lives in there?’  St. Peter lowered his voice and in a pious tone said, ‘Please keep your voices down.  The religious folks who live inside these walls think they’re the only ones here.  They’re still suffering from a huge does of religious condemnation.  We need to work with them and tell them heaven is filled with all kinds of people – including riff-raff like some of you.’ A trace of a smile spread across Peter’s face.  ‘In a few days we’re going to break the news to them that they aren’t the only residents of heaven.  But for now we’re allowing them to live in their little holy-huddle.’” 

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