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May 11, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“A Pentecostal Christian was once invited by his friend to attend a staid Presbyterian church, where the services resembled a quiet library.  The Pentecostal man was used to exuberant services of his church, which resembled an enthusiastic crowd at a basketball game. When the Presbyterian pastor made a particularly inspiring point in his sermon, the Pentecostal man yelled out ‘Praise the Lord.’

This passion troubled the solemn Presbyterian congregants.  When the high-spirited visitor continued to voice his agreement with compelling statements made from the pulpit by yelling out ‘A-men’ and ‘Hallelujah,’ the Clerk of the Session (like a deacon in less severe and more liturgical churches) came down the aisle and whispered to him, ‘You have to keep quiet!  The pastor is in the middle of his sermon.’

The Pentecostal man responded, ‘Keep quiet?  How can I do that?  I’ve been given the Holy Spirit!’

The Clerk of the Session said, ‘Well, you didn’t get it in this church.’ 

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