Reflections Along the Jesus Way

May 21, 2023 – Quote for the Day:

“I had a conversation with a friend about God’s love – a part of our discussion went something like this:

  • You know, God really does like you.  He is fond of you.  He wants to get to know you and he wants you to come to know him as you never have before.  Young people would say that God wants to ‘hang out with you.’
  • Well, yes, I know that God loves us, the Bible says he does, and I guess because he inspired those words in the Bible God has to love us.  He said it, he committed himself to it, he signed the contract, so he has to love us.
  • So you think God is stuck? He signed a contract, and now he can’t get out of it?  Are you saying that God loves you only because he has to?  By the way, I notice that you said God loves ‘us,’ but you don’t admit that he loves you.
  • Loving me is not exactly a day at the beach.  My wife tried, at least she seemed to, but now we’re divorced.  My kids tried, or maybe they didn’t.  Maybe they couldn’t because I didn’t show them my love the way I should or could have.  They’re grown now, and I don’t hear from them very much.  I’ve basically screwed up my life.  On my good days I think God still loves me in spite of everything, but I don’t want him to get to know me too well because if he really knows me then he may not love me.  Anybody else who has ever gotten to know me has decided not to love me, so why wouldn’t God do the same thing?
  • You can accept that God loves you from a distance.  But you feel if he gets too close he might not like what he sees?  You think God hasn’t seen it all before?  You actually think that while God has managed to love everyone else who has ever lived, you will be the exception to the rule and he won’t love you if he gets to know you?”   

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Unplugging from Religion – Connecting With God


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